Haitian-owned Gosen Properties ready to take over Brooklyn

  • Posted by Marina Vatav
  • March 13, 2014 9:25 AM EDT

Imagine quitting you job in 2008, right before the economic meltdown. Imagine opening a company in 2008 - a real estate company.

While many people would be sceptical about a successful turnout of this scenario, the key is in your persistance and survival abilities.

This is the story of Emmanuel Victor, the owner of Gosen Properties, a company he started in 2008 just as the real estate market began to crack and crush.

Emmanuel moved from Haiti to Brooklyn 15 years ago to pursue his college education. He got involved in selling real estate in 2001 as he was looking for a job that would give him the flexibility to attend college. One day he read in the Daily News newspaper that with a real estate job you can earn $60,000 a year and more working part time. For a student that sounded amazing, so he called a real estate company and eventually got hired.

Surviving the economic meltdown

When Emmanuel felt he had a client base and knew the industry very well, he decided to open his own company so he would not have to give away 50% of his commissions to his employer. Great! Except that 2008 was the year when the real estate market took a dive.

"2008-2009 was really tough, and I will say, unfortunately for me, that's when I chose to open up the company," shared Emmanuel.

However, he fought and worked hard and persisted. He focused more on rentals rather than selling homes because people were having difficulty getting a mortgage and very few were able to buy real estate.

"I never regretted that I made this decision. It is kind of paying off right now. I have a lot of colleagues that left the real estate business and went back to the corporate world, or went back to look for 9 to 5 jobs because they could not take it anymore. But I hung in there somehow and today I am benefiting big time from it," said Emmanuel Victor.

Today the market revamped, and according to Emmanuel "the Brooklyn market is very hot right now".

Discipline and Determination

He is convinced that the success formula in business is discipline and determination.

"You cannot be an entrepreneur without being first a disciplined person," says Emmanuel.

With now being better times for the real estate market, Emmanuel has established a clear vision for the next five years.

"My goal is to dominate Brooklyn. I don't care who is doing business in Brooklyn, there are some good companies in there now and they've been doing this for longer than I have, but I want to somehow take over. I want everyone to know about Gosen," shared Emmanuel.