Big plans for tourism development in South and South East

August 16, Port-au-Price: The Ministry of Tourism released the tourism development plan for the South and South East regions of the country. The study took 11 months to prepare with the help of a Mexican consultancy firm.


The Tourism development plan for the South of Haiti includes among others the construction by 2015 of an airport in Cotes-de Fer with a 2,400 meter runway, a shopping center, 1000 hotel rooms and a golf course with 18 holes. The total cost of the project is estimated at $230 million. The strategy views the United States as the main market for tourism in Haiti.


The study estimates that the tourism activities in the South and South Est regions of the country could potentially attract from 33,000 tourists in 2015 to 3 million in 2045.


This development plan considers such factors as terrain, biodiversity, economy and socio-demographic aspect of each of these regions.


Some of the main current issues identified are:


Natural environment:
• Protection Policy and poor conservation of natural areas such as forests,
coral reefs, rivers and shorelines.
• Intensive Logging
• Discharge of waste into the sea water in the absence of health infrastructure
• No system for the collection and treatment of solid waste.

Communication channels
• Poor condition of roads and the presence of conflict zones in terms of traffic.
• Lack of signage, bus shelter or roundabouts
• Lack of communication between the main cities of the South and Southeast.
• Lack of friendly transport systems of the environment, transport
passengers and cargo.

• Lack of regional transport means operable to accommodate tourists in the
South zone.
• Low supply and tourism demand in the south,
• A lack of hotel infrastructure and the lack of quality hotel for tourism
• Lack of incentives for Tourist Facilities.
• Insufficient development of natural resources and landscape offered by the South zone.

• Lack of water and sanitation infrastructure
• Lack of urban planning in cities
• Spreading of the population, which makes access to urban infrastructure and services.
• Les Cayes and Jacmel are deficient staffing urban services and infrastructure
in equipment.
• Housing deficit


In its development strategies, the Haitian Ministry of Tourism is following closly the tourism development path of the Dominican Republic .


According to the study, in 2011 over 945,000 tourists visited Haiti, 19% more than in the previous year. Among them, 596 755 were brought by cruise tourism. In comparison, the Dominican Republic was able to attract over 4 million visitors in 2011.

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