Haitian Government Announced the Four Potential Developers for Ile-a-Vache

After the Ministry of Planning and Foreign Cooperation has launched their vision and development plan for the majestic island of Ile-a-Vache, the government has recently announced that 5 potential investors expressed interest, and four were shortlisted for the pre-qualification review. 


The four companies are:


Blue Marlin Development, S.A. (USA )
Charles Fequiere, S.A. (Haiti)
Royal Oasis (Haiti)
Holmes Haiti International Development Limited, LLC


Earlier this year the Ministry of Planning and Foreign Cooperation has released its tourism development plan for Ile-a-Vache. The government's vision for the island is:


"Île-à-Vache is the Caribbean’s last treasure island. Unpaved, unplugged, unspoiled, and unlike anywhere else, it is a raw and rustic paradise, a rarity in the world. Here, tourism treads lightly, surely and sustainably, responsibly creating places of exquisite peace and well-being, and helping local communities become strong, smart, and self-sufficient."


Its development plan includes:

• The construction of an airport, for easy access and to bypass Port-au-Prince.
• The placement of several neighborhoods combining boutique-hotel-type accommodation and beachfront cottages on the western side of the island.
• A village, offering restaurants, galleries, cafés and festival space – along with a docking facility – is being planned just to the west of the island capital of Mme. Bernard.
• An underwater museum recounting the romance of pirates would be a major attraction.
• A community farm would engage both visitors and locals.
• Walking trails would be upgraded for the enjoyment of visitors and the utility of locals.
• Caribbean sailers would be attracted to new docking facilities.
• An electric trolly or other alternative-energy system would transport guests and permit servicing of rooms and restaurants.

See full Ile-a-Vache development plan here.

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