Four Seasons Hotel will serve Haitian coffee beginning this fall

The Four Seasons Hotel will serve Haitian coffee in two locations beginning this fall in support of the Haitian coffee sector.


Four Seasons Hotel New York and Four Seasons Hotel Toronto will serve Haitian coffee, featuring an heirloom typica variety, grown semi-wild in the mountains surrounding Thiotte, directly sourced by La Colombe Torrefaction.


The announcement was made by Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, the Clinton Foundation, Leslois Shaw Foundation, and La Colombe Torrefaction.


The parties plan to bring quality Haitian coffee to more locations, as well as collaborate on future initiatives to introduce Haitian coffee to new markets, thereby creating jobs and improving livelihoods.


“This agreement with La Colombe, the Leslois Shaw Foundation, and Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts will not only showcase one of Haiti’s finest exports, but will also provide access to new markets for Haitian coffee farmers,” said President Clinton.


“Quality coffee is an important part of a hotel visit for many of our guests. By procuring coffee from La Colombe and partnering with the Clinton Foundation and Leslois Shaw Foundation, we hope that Four Seasons can play a part in the revitalization of Haiti’s coffee trade,” said Christopher Hunsberger, Executive Vice President, Global Product and Innovation.


The Clinton Foundation and La Colombe, with support from the Leslois Shaw Foundation, have also launched the Haiti Coffee Academy – a model coffee farm and teaching center in one of Haiti’s primary coffee growing regions, providing skills training, seedlings, tools and resources, helping to improve the quality and quantity of yields.


A century ago Haiti has been one of the largest coffee exporters in the world, however, in recent years its production has declined dramatically.


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