Call for Proposals for the Development of Môle St. Nicolas area

The Ministry of Economy and Finance launched a call for proposals to investors willing to engage in an economic valuation plan of Môle St. Nicolas and its surroundings, including the development and management of a deep water port, an industrial park, tourism facilities and activities, agro-ecological zones, energy facilities, and other services.


“The promoters / investors are invited to submit one or more investment options inspired by the sketch planning proposed in the strategy paper prepared for the applicants, which can be viewed on the Website of the Legal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, or at this link.


Proposals must be filed by Monday, March 24, 2014, before 3:00 p.m. at the Ministry of Economy and Finance, located at #5 Avenue Charles Sumner, Port au-Prince, Haiti,” announced Wilson Laleau, the Minister of Economy and Finance.


Môle St. Nicolas is a town in the North-West of Haiti. It is the site where Christopher Columbus landed on his first trip to the New World. The Haitian Government is considering developing this area.

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