"Haiti provides a great opportunity" - CEO of the largest wholesale vacation provider in the US

In an interview by Fox Business Network, Apple Leisure Group CEO Alex Zozaya stated that Haiti provides a great opportunity as a travel destination in the Caribbean.


"When they asked me about what is the next opportunity, the next place I see that is really going to explode in terms of a great destination, closer to home for the American market, I think Haiti provides a great opportunity,” he said. “It is a beautiful place, has an excellent location. We are trying to develop a destination within the destination, kind of like with Bali, people go to Bali not to Indonesia, " stated Zozaya.


"We are putting a master plan together, inviting several investors."


He added: “We are the asset-light type of business where we have the management and the branding of the hotels,” he said. “We are trying to bring other players to have a multi-brand destination, building its own airport and golf course, etc., to develop this destination, which is safe, is a great value for money, and a beautiful place.”


Apple Leisure Group is one of the largest wholesale vacation provider in the US. It is comprised of Apple Vacations®; Travel Impressions, one of the largest leisure tour operators in the nation with an extensive global portfolio; AMResorts®, which provide sales, marketing and brand management services to six luxury resort brands; Amstar® DMC, a destination management company; Unlimited Vacation Club, an elite recognition and benefits program for selective travelers who expect the very best in a vacation experience; and CheapCaribbean.com, an online travel agency that provides its customers luxury vacation packages and resort accommodations in Mexico and the Caribbean.

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