Carnival Corporation to Develop a $70 Million Port Facility in Tortuga, Haiti

The largest cruise company in the world - Carnival Corporation & plc signed a memorandum of understanding on July 31, 2014, that calls for the development of a new cruise port in Tortuga Island in Haiti.


The amount of investment, per the Letter of Intent, is $70 million and represents the largest cruise industry investment ever made in Haiti, providing a new destination for ship itineraries traveling in the Caribbean.


"The development will create an exciting opportunity for our guests to enjoy a new, secluded, and stunning destination on the island of Tortuga that the company expects will become a highly popular place for guests to enjoy for years to come,” stated David Candib, Vice President, Development & Operations, Global Port & Destination Development Group at Carnival Corporation & plc.


"At the same time, this commitment will initially stimulate significant development and construction activities, and then tourism business once the port is open, that will create a tremendous economic impact for the people of Haiti."


The company estimates that its initial investment will employ more than 900 people directly and indirectly, and the project will be an anchor for further development on the island.


"We are working together with the Haitian people and government to build Tortuga into a popular and economically sustainable Caribbean destination," noted Candib.


Carnival Corporation & plc is the largest cruise company in the world, with nine industry-leading brands and dozens of ships operating in the Caribbean.

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