The new runway of the Cap-Haitien airport is fully completed

The construction of the new 2,562 meters-long and 42 meters wide runway of the Cap-Haitien International Airport is fully completed, announced the office of Prime Minister Lamothe. The construction of the fire station is also underway.


The Prime Minister has visited the airport, along with representatives of American Airlines and different firms involved in this project, to inquire about the construction status before the October 2nd inaugural flight of American Airlines from Cap-Haitien Airport.


"With the arrival of American Airlines in Cap-Haitien, this is another step that is taken in the country’s decentralization process", stated Prime Minister Lamothe.


American Airlines is the first major US airline to offer daily direct flights from the US to Cap-Haitien. The company already started selling tickets from Miami to Cap-Haitien.


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