The Haitian Government is Launching an online Application for Business Registration

On October 22nd, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is launching the One-Stop Electronic Window,, an interactive online application meant to simplify the registration process of the limited companies.


The One-Stop Electronic Window is an interactive application that will allow individuals from Haiti and abroad to register online an "anonymous" company until the company name is published in Le Moniteur, the official publication. The application will also allow the applicant to choose an attorney and make online payments.


"The One-Stop Electronic Window brings together on a single platform all stakeholders actively involved in the process of registering a company: shareholders, the lawyer, the notary, the National Bank of Credit, the Directorate General of Taxes, the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the National Press," announced the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.


"This new application should provide this service 10 times faster while respecting existing Haitian law," says the official communication.


The One-Stop Electronic Window will be available in three languages: French, Creole, and English. It can be accessed either on the website of the Ministry of Trade and Industry at under "Services”, then "Register a limited company”; or directly on the One-Stop Electronic Window website,


There are six steps to register a company online through this system:


1. Select the name of the limited company.
2. Provide information about the company.
3. Invite the other shareholders of the company.
4. Choose an attorney.
5. Choose a notary.
6. Pay the registration fee.


The application will also allow you to track the progress of the company registration process.
The legal documents completed by the lawyer, the notary and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry will also be available online.


The design and implementation of this project took three years. It was financed by the Inter-American Development Bank and the French Development Agency, and implemented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with other government agencies, a Canadian software company, Sogebank, Haitian firms CompHaiti and Transversal, the Faculty of Linguistics, State University of Haiti, and others.


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