IDB Announced its 2012 Cultural Development Program Partners in Haiti

Haitian cultural institutions selected by the IDB as partners for the 2012 Cultural Development Program are Compagnie NIFE - Visual Arts and Theatre Company and Fondation Festival Film Jakmel Ciné Institute.


IDB will support technically and financially Compagnie NIFE's Socio-cultural and educational workshops, and Ciné Institute's Ciné Lekol advanced film training workshop: Capturing Haiti´s Oral Histories.


Overall, the IDB has selected 50 partner institutions to receive financing and technical assistance for cultural development projects in 26 countries from Latin America and the Caribbean. These projects will receive grants under the Cultural Development Program.


The grants were awarded to innovative projects for technical training, art, music, and theater instruction for educators. The projects were evaluated for their viability, educational scope, effective use of resources, ability to mobilize additional sources of financing, and long-term impact on the community.


This year, the IDB Cultural Center received 1,004 proposals for the Cultural Development Program grants.


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