President Martelly creates Presidential Commission for the Reform of Business Law

Haiti's President Michel Martelly created the Presidential Commission for the Reform of Business Law on Friday, September 8th. The main mission of the three-member commission composed of Mr. Bernard Gousse, Jean-Frédéric Sales, and Nathalie Alcindor is to come up with recommendations for the reform of business law and to help develop a framework that is more conducive to massive capital investment, both domestic and foreign.
"How do we restore Haitian citizenship without decent, sustainable and well-paid jobs, without the possibility of expanding the middle class? How do we reduce the country's vulnerability without increasing productive investments that enhance the land and its resources?" asked President Martelly.
Martelly mentioned that Haiti's Commercial Code is the oldest in the region. First published in 1826, the Code had only one amendment made in 1944. "This means that it is completely unsuitable for the developmental needs of private investment and business. [It is] even stranger to large scientific and technological revolutions that have marked recent decades," said Martelly.
The decision to create the Presidential Commission for the Reform of Business Law comes soon after the placement of the new General Director of the Center for Investment Facilitation (CFI), Mr. Georges Andy René, on August 21st. The prime minister, Laurent Lamothe, announced that René's mission is to place Haiti in the top 50 countries in the World Bank's "Doing Business" report. This year Haiti occupies the 174th position for the ease of doing business out of 183 economies studies in the "Doing Business 2012" report.

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