A new Center for Rural Sustainable Development was launched in Kenscoff, Haiti

On January 24, 2013, U.S. Ambassador Pamela White inaugurated a new Center for Rural Sustainable Development (CRDD) in Kenscoff.


The CRDD, implemented by USAID-funded project “Feed the Future West,” serves as a demonstration and training center aiming to modernize Haitian agricultural practices by introducing improved technologies, more crop varieties and better equipment, while protecting the environment. As a result of training received at the center, to date, 423 farmers, including 152 women, have been certified; some of them received their certificates during the inauguration ceremony.


The center is managed with the assistance of specialists from the University of Florida, who are promoting the use of greenhouses, drip irrigation, and vertical farming for the first time in Haiti.
The Project Director, Jean Robert Estimé, stressed that the lives of benefitting farmers have improved dramatically as a result of the application of new technologies. Farmers are increasing both their production and their incomes.


"I do not want Haitian farmers to earn only $1 per day,” said U.S. Ambassador White. “Only when Haitian peasants earn enough money to pay for their children’s education and health care, and provide for their families, is when we will be really happy.”


Minister Delegate to the Office of the Prime Minister in charge of promoting the Peasantry, Mrs. Marie Mimose Felix, and U.S. Ambassador Pamela White cut the ribbon at the inauguration of the CRDD.

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