Haiti Business Week (HBW) Launches The “Haiti Is Bright” Campaign

Columbia, Maryland USA, 18 May 2013 – Haiti Business Week (HBW) launches the Haiti Is Bright campaign on May 18th 2013, which coincides with the Haitian National Flag Day. To commemorate this historical event, HBW decided to return to the spirit that founded May 18th into a national celebration for Haiti.


With the Haiti Is Bright campaign, HBW aims to shine a bright light of positivity on Haiti’s past and present. More often than not, negative news often overshadow the powerful and optimistic history of Haiti and the many positive milestones passed. With this campaign, the objective is to highlight the incredible activities, culture, locations and specialties that Haitians, and most people around the world, are not familiar with.

Haiti is Bright campaign invites all Haitians and friends of Haiti to send images and videos representing Haitian greatness, positive facts about Haiti that the world deserves to know about, or short stories on what they love most about Haiti. HBW will post and share their stories, their experiences, their aspirations, and their visions of Haiti through text, essays, photos, videos and other medium of their choice. HBW will post and share them with the world through its platform and social networks.


HBW believes this campaign will empower Haitians and friends of Haiti by conveying a positive image of the country’s past, present, and future. People that love Haiti will finally have a voice that will be heard and seen globally on Haiti Business Week (HBW)! Contributors are invited to join HBW on www.haitibusinessweek.com to learn more about how they can contribute their content for the “Haiti Is Bright” campaign.

About Haiti Business Week (HBW)


Founded in June 2012, Haiti Business Week (HBW) is the only online business magazine that covers Haitian businesses operating in Haiti and around the world; as well as foreign companies operating in Haiti.


HBW focuses on Haitian entrepreneurs and delivers insightful information on business opportunities in Haiti, as well as key information related to the economy, business personalities, education, lifestyle, and more. Haiti Business Weekis a subsidiary of The Diaspora Group (TDG), LLC, a Maryland-based holding companywith a mission to "CreatingProsperity for Haitians".


To learn more about Haiti Business Week (HBW), visit www.haitibusinessweek.com

Facebook: Haiti Business Week

Twitter: @haitibusinesswk


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Olivier Pierre

Chief Marketing Director


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