A grant of $20 million for improving the business climate in Haiti

The World Bank has approved a $20 million grant for the "Business Development and Investment Project" that aims to foster economy-wide business environment reforms, in order to spur local and foreign private investment and job creation in light manufacturing, apparel, tourism and agribusiness, among others.


The project includes a plan to support the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises by simplifying procedures to obtain operational licenses and certifications, as well as improving access to finance and transparency in competition. The project aims to also improve the regulatory and institutional framework governing Integrated Economic Zones (IEZs), and assist the government in the preparation of feasibility studies for at least one new IEZ outside of Port-au-Prince.


By providing training and technical assistance, the project will build the capacity of micro, small and medium enterprises and help them increase production volume, standardize products, reduce costs and increase income through investment grants.

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